Veterans Affairs

Supporting-Our-Veterans-LogoWelcome! The University of Illinois Springfield is dedicated to assisting veteransin taking full advantage of educational benefits.

Veterans Services Coordinator: Mark Dochterman, PhD
Phone: (217) 206–8387
Office: Founder’s Residence Hall, 175

Benefits/Veterans Certifying Official: Carolyn Schloemann
Phone: (217) 206–6724
Office: University Hall Building (UHB) 1015

Veterans, active military personnel, reservists, and military dependents are a vital part of our student community and we are here to assist you in successfully completing your educational goals. Whether you are returning to the University after putting your education on hold to serve our country, are a veteran who has completed your service, or are a transfer student, our mission is to provide the best assistance possible.

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“UIS offers a variety of services to veterans and active duty military personnel, enhancing their ability to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree.”

– Chancellor Koch

Our staff will help guide the way through Veterans programs and education benefits, and provide assistance with the forms and information related to military grants and scholarships made available through the state of Illinois.

Applying to UIS

The UIS application and veterans’ applicant fee waiver

The first step in attending UIS is to complete the appropriate UIS Application Form. UIS waives the application fee for Veterans. Having your fee waived requires completing the UIS Application Fee Waiver (PDF). The form should be printed and sent to the address on the document (One University Plaza, MS UHB 1080). The form requires your signature as well as an attached copy of your DD-214. You do not need to complete the last section “I certify that one or more requirements have been met.”

UIS Admission Acceptance Form

色姑娘综合网久久一个色综合亚洲色综合久久偷拍国产在线视频色姑娘综合站If you are accepted to UIS, the Office of Admissions will email you with an offer of admission. You must accept your admission by completing the UIS Admission Acceptance form that is emailed with the offer of admission. Once filled out, it can be mailed or emailed to the Office of Admissions at UIS.

Military transcripts and Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES)

UIS follows the American Council on Education (ACE) guidelines for assigning college credit for your Joint Service Transcript and DANTES test scores. This is a part of the regular application process. Records and Registration will review all submitted materials and assign the appropriate number of credit hours. Please note: Military transcript and DANTES credits are automatically assigned as ‘block credits.’ As such, these hours count as hours toward your degree but may not apply toward any specific degree requirements. If you feel that one or more of your Military Transcript or DANTES items is equivalent to a specific requirement at UIS, you may petition to have those credit hours count toward that requirement by completing the Office of Records and Registration Student Petition (PDF). Before submitting this form, please review the Student Petition Instructions (PDF). If you need assistance with the form, contact Aleta Carlberg in Records (217-206-8295/

UIS student insurance and waiver

UIS automatically assesses a fee for insurance on any student, including military personnel and veterans, enrolled in any on-campus or blended course. If you prefer to use your military-issued or other applicable insurance plan, you must opt out of the University’s student plan by completing an online waiver. The UIS Office of Human Resources (HR) will email you a notification of your eligibility to waive the student insurance. Please monitor your UIS campus email for specific dates, web links, and instructions. The online waiver is open at the beginning of each semester until the posted deadline, providing several weeks for waiver submissions. You can find additional details on the UIS HR Student Insurance page.

Housing Application

To reside on campus, a UIS Housing Application色姑娘综合网久久一个色综合亚洲色综合久久偷拍国产在线视频色姑娘综合站 must be completed. This is a separate application from the UIS application for admission. Checking ‘Veteran’ on the UIS Housing Application will alert Residence Life that you wish to be placed with/near other veterans or military personnel living on campus if possible.

Monthly Billing Stipend

If you are receiving a monthly stipend for housing, UIS Residence Life will work to ensure that you are charged on a monthly basis rather than all at once. In order to arrange monthly billing, you must contact the Residence Life central office ( to set up this special request. Additional documentation to prove your monthly housing stipend status may be required.

Financial Assistance/Veterans Benefits

Use of Military Benefits

Our mission is to provide the best assistance possible to all students. Veterans are a vital part of our student community and we are here to assist you in successfully completing your educational goals.

Please use the links below to learn more about Veteran’s programs.

Please visit our office located within the Office of Financial Assistance. We provide assistance with certification for Veterans National Guard Grants, Illinois Veterans Grants, and Vocational Rehabilitation Ch31 and State and Federal MIA/POW programs.

Veterans Certifying Official: Carolyn Schloemann
Location: Office of Financial Assistance, University Hall Building (UHB) 1015
Phone: (217) 206-6724

Children of Veterans Tuition Waiver Application

The Children of Veterans Tuition Waiver is a four-year (consecutive) tuition waiver at the University of Illinois. If you are awarded the waiver, it will cover your in-state tuition (for undergraduate, graduate, or professional studies) at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, Springfield, or Health Sciences Center)

Institutional Scholarships

In addition to benefits, you may qualify for UIS Institutional Scholarships. UIS uses one application form for all institutional scholarships. You are strongly encouraged to complete this form annually. The form becomes available on Dec. 1 and is due by Feb. 15. Information about institutional scholarships and a link to the form can be found on the UIS Financial Assistance Scholarship Opportunities page. Several of these scholarships are military and/or veteran focused including:

  • Walter and Hattie Putnick Memorial Scholarship ($170)
  • Joe Wilkins Veterans Scholarship ($1,600)
  • Ted Mims Scholarship ($1,200)
  • 色姑娘综合网久久一个色综合亚洲色综合久久偷拍国产在线视频色姑娘综合站Artisan Business Group (ABG) Graduate Scholarship for Illinois Veterans ($1,500)

    University Student Financial Services and Cashier Operations (USFSCO or Bursar)

    色姑娘综合网久久一个色综合亚洲色综合久久偷拍国产在线视频色姑娘综合站Where Financial Assistance is responsible for helping with benefits, scholarships, and student loans, USFSCO is responsible for collecting payments and managing your account balance. Occasionally veterans’ benefits are not disbursed to student accounts on a timeline that matches the USFSCO payment deadlines. In instances where a student has completed the benefits process and UIS has certified the benefits, but the benefit payment has not been disbursed to UIS, USFSCO, Financial Assistance, and UIS Office of Veterans Affairs will work together to ensure that you are not charged late fees or placed on a financial hold. There are a few key things to remember about your student account:

    • Payments are due on September 28th for fall coursework, February 28th for spring coursework, and June 28th for summer coursework
    • Make sure to check your UIS email for monthly billing information as the above due dates approach.
    • It is your responsibility to manage your account and to reach out to USFSCO prior to payment deadlines to clarify any issues/balances.
    • If for some reason you will be unable to make your payment on time, USFSCO can work with you to set up a payment plan.

    Active Duty Leave Policy

    Please visit the Leave Policies色姑娘综合网久久一个色综合亚洲色综合久久偷拍国产在线视频色姑娘综合站 page on the Records and Administration website.

    Academic Advising and Support


    Any student under 30 credit hours earned (generally incoming freshman or first-year students) will be assigned an advisor by the Office of Advising Services, Information and Support (OASIS). Information regarding the assignment of OASIS advisors can be found on the OASIS website. If you need further assistance you can contact OASIS at at 217-206-7471/advising@lreve24kcream.com色姑娘综合网久久一个色综合亚洲色综合久久偷拍国产在线视频色姑娘综合站. Once you reach 30 credit hours, you will be assigned and academic advisor from the department of your chosen major. You can find your advisor using the or by going to the Academics tab in in the .

    Degree Audit System (DARS)

    Using DARS, students can access a . This report is an unofficial audit of degree progress and includes all completed courses, as well as those currently in progress. Additional instructions for generating your Degree Audit Report can be found in the Info/Instructions: Degree Audit System – Students (PDF)

    The Learning Hub

    The Learning Hub offers free academic support services to currently enrolled UIS students both both in-person and online—in writing, math, accounting, economics, science, computer science, and academic skills as well as supplemental instruction; online, on-ground, and in-class workshops; walk-in assistance; and additional support materials. The Hub is located in Brookens Library, Room 462 and can be reached at 217-206-6503/

    Prior Learning Assessment/Credit for Prior Learning

    The IPL 305 (Undergraduate) and IPL 501 (Graduate) courses , also referred to as the Prior Learning Assessment program, are designed to provide a way for students to present evidence that they should earn college credit for learning experiences (military or otherwise) outside of UIS. Students in the course create a portfolio reflecting on their prior experiences. Upon completing the course, you may be eligible to complete additional portfolios, earning up to 16 credits to be applied to Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE) requirements or General Electives. Enrollment in IPL 305 or 501 requires the completion of the Prior Learning Course Application (PDF). It is important to note that some departments have specific requirements related to ECCE and IPL. Prior to enrolling in either of these courses, be sure to contact your department/advisor as well as the to confirm that this is appropriate for you.

    Campus Resources for Veterans

    UIS Veterans Affairs

    Mark Dochterman, Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement and Coordinator for Veterans Affairs (217-206-8387,, is the contact on campus for veteran and military service questions regarding connecting military personnel and veterans to campus resources, the UIS Student Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee, information in this document, military graduation cords, M.V.C., or any other questions you may have.

    Military and Veterans Lounge

    The Military and Veterans Lounge is a physical space on campus designated for use by military personnel and student veterans. The lounge is located in the Public Affairs Center (PAC) room 117 (lower level near the bookstore) and is open whenever the PAC building is open. Please feel free to use this space to study, relax before or after classes, and possibly to run into some other student veterans.

    Military and Veterans Club (M.V.C.)

    M.V.C. is the campus chapter of Student Veterans of America and is an organization at UIS that provides a support network to active military, veteran students and families. This is an open organization for students to come socialize and network, as well as discuss ways UIS can better accommodate the veteran student population on campus. Check the for club meeting times and upcoming events, or contact the MVC President Abraham Rios (jrios3@lreve24kcream.com色姑娘综合网久久一个色综合亚洲色综合久久偷拍国产在线视频色姑娘综合站) to learn more.

    Campus Resources to Know

    All of the resources available to any UIS student are open and welcoming to student veterans. Below is a selected list of links and contact information for those units:

    Career Development Center

    The Career Development Center provides the necessary resources and knowledge for students, faculty, and employers to effectively collaborate and find career opportunities. This office provides services in an accessible manner to all UIS students via in-person and distance methods.

    Student Affairs Building (SAB) 50
    Phone: 217-206-6508

    Counseling Center

    The Counseling Center provides counseling, outreach and psychological consultation to UIS students. Counseling services are free of charge to all enrolled students who are attending classes on the UIS campus.

    Human Resources Building (HRB) 64
    Phone: 217-206-7122

    Office of Disability Services (ODS)

    The Office of Disability Services ensures students with documented disabilities receive the academic accommodations needed for their success in the classroom. ODS collaborates with the faculty to facilitate the implementation of academic accommodations. Students must register with ODS in order to receive academic accommodations.

    Human Resources Building (HRB) 80
    Phone: 217-206-6666

    Health Services

    Health Services provides a range of health care services intended to allow individuals to perform optimally, both physically and mentally, in order to achieve their academic and intellectual potential. Health Services is available to enrolled students who are attending classes on the UIS campus. Students do not pay an office visit fee, but some small user fees are charged for certain services.

    Business Services Building (BSB) 20
    Phone: 217-206-6676

    Brookens Library

    provides access to over 750,000 books and serials. Beyond resource access, the library provides research support, has a range of items besides books that you can check out, provides space for quiet study and group study, and offers printing, scanning and copying services.

    Phone: 217-206-6605

    Volunteer & Civic Engagement Center

    The Volunteer & Civic Engagement Center色姑娘综合网久久一个色综合亚洲色综合久久偷拍国产在线视频色姑娘综合站 connects students with meaningful volunteer opportunities and supports students in the process of engaging around topics that they are passionate about.

    Student Union Leadership Center
    Phone: 217-206-7716